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Upset the Setup was founded in Washington, D.C. in 2004 as a record label and blog. In the years since we have learned a lot about the industry, the world, and life. We are now bringing back the Upset the Setup movement to support our community and build a foundation to create a lasting positive impact. This website and our new blog will provide a chronicle our work and keep you informed of the latest projects and releases.

The Upset the Setup logo was designed by Mike Moore of Brooklyn Union. It appeared on two vinyl pressings, thousands of shirts, and many other promotional materials. The ubiquitous phrase and philosophy made an impact in the DC scene and the shirt has been worn by many legends and icons in the world of art, music, and activism.

As corporate interests are keen to do, one major "street-wear" brand began selling Upset the Setup shirts and unscrupulously gained control of the domain name Upset The After years of working to reclaim this domain, we are happy to be back. We welcome your support and look forward to keeping the movement afoot.